Growth for You at Every Stage

We all learn throughout our life, and at Bharat Petroleum, we facilitate and accelerate this process through supportive institutional frameworks for learning and development.
"We are a learning organization,” says our vision statement, while “Development of People” is ingrained in our core values. Continual learning and development is thus key to evolution through successive stages in your career at Bharat Petroleum.

Handholding and providing avenues of learning is essential for someone joining at the entry level. As you progress through your career, you will aspire to take up roles of managing and leading teams, functions and businesses. For supporting this journey, we have a plethora of learning avenues for you, ranging from management/self-nominated instructor-led trainings to wellness webinars to external trainings and certifications to self-paced and self-chosen eLearning courses. We provide engaging platforms to enable you to showcase your talent to the people across the organization.

With these pragmatic initiatives, no wonder Bharat Petroleum has been recognized twice as winner of 'Special Recognition Award' for excellence in Learning & Development at the prestigious 'Society for Human Resource Management' (SHRM) awards.

If you are an ambitious aspirant, then we are your ladder for a brisk ascent. Organic talent development for everyone is a promise and practice at Bharat Petroleum, and our philosophy of developing home-grown leadership provides a fertile environment for continual growth for all. You will find opportunities to grow at every level through our integrated approach to career development, which encompasses a framework that integrates talent assessment, feedback, learning needs and job rotation to impart varying exposures and experiences in multiple domains in different functions and geographies. This will help you in developing a well-rounded perspective for playing higher-responsibility roles in our flowing leadership pipeline.



Talent can be defined in several ways, although the essence of it can be encapsulated in two words performance and potential. We assess these aspects in two ways to assist our human capital to enhance their strengths. Our Performance Management System captures performance of employees, whereas our talent management framework ‘ASCEND’ assesses employee potential. The methodology enables you to understand your traits and natural propensity. This process also helps in highlighting key behaviors you demonstrate as a leader. This is followed by a comprehensive review and feedback, based on which a comprehensive development plan is chalked out.



ACE – 'Aim, Commit, Excel' – is a customized contextual framework for defining role-based functional competency. This framework is designed for various roles within Bharat Petroleum. Defining role-specific behaviours, knowledge and skills indicate the areas where you need to sharpen and accentuate your skills to perform effectively in a particular role or operating environment. With this insight in place, one goes through blended learning programs, wherein a simulations based learning helps you achieve true competence and success in that role on the ground.