Rural Development & Environment Sustainability

Bina Refinery engagement in this domain covers a large spectrum, with the objective to strengthen the backbone of the community. The initiatives ranges from providing access to drinking water & conservation initiatives, enhancing livelihood opportunities through livestock management & agricultural inputs, providing infrastructural facilities and others.  


Project Samriddhi

(An initiative to improve livelihood of farmers) To promote agriculture and livestock management, through a gamut of activities. There is a perceptible change in cattle breeding in this area especially due to continuous contribution and active support with artificial insemination, and availability of good quality semen of various breeds. Activities like de-worming, vaccination, animal health camps, Calf rallies, services of Veterinary doctor have created awareness among the farmers about importance of animal healthcare.

The project has motivated a large number of young farmers to adopt agricultural methods and livestock development practices by regular exposure visits to Krishi Kendra and various training programmes.


Project Urvi

This initiative includes implementing a series of water conservation interventions like construction of check dams, dug out ponds, farm ponds, nallah deepening, field bunding in the nearby villages for meaningful utilisation of the water resources, regeneration of water bodies and such allied interventions.

Building check dams provides an effective way of harvesting rainwater. The larger measure is supplemented by roof-water harvesting. This accumulated mass ensures perennial availability of water, while also improving groundwater levels significantly. Increasing the number of months that water is available for livelihood results in better income for farmers.

Village Level Committees are formed to enhance ownership and involvement of villagers.