Innovative interventions at Kochi Refinery

The key to survival is to innovate with time.

  • Innovation at Kochi Refinery is a continuous process, especially in the area of reduction of energy consumption thereby reducing cost of production.
  • Innovating on new technology at Kochi Refinery is yet another area with significant inputs. Some of the notable innovation made in technology front are installation of divided wall technology in distillation column in CCR unit, modification of existing Gasoline Splitter Unit to Naphtha splitter Unit, In-situ solvent regeneration system in Aromatic Recovery Unit, implementation of e-permit system for better tracking of work permits.
  • Innovate to be flexible in changing demand scenarios to meet customer expectations are also prevalent.
Bharat Petroleum Cares

Bharat Petroleum Cares

As a socially responsible corporate citizen, the community welfare initiatives of the refinery concentrate on developing the weaker sections of society in important sectors like health, education, water management, housing and women empowerment. In the vicinity, Kochi Refinery has carried out various projects in the CSR thrust areas of BPCL. Educational schemes as Capability Exploration and Enabling Programme have helped school students to understand their innate potential and pursue higher academic performance. The recently conducted skill development programme had empowered 1000 unemployed youth.  For differently-abled children, there is a home based rehabilitation scheme. New and modern facilities have been extended to major Government hospitals and schools in the neighbourhood. Various people intensive small-scheme community development programmes have brought new life for many; be it poor villagers in need of medical treatment; poor students in government schools or differently abled children! Thus, apart from maintaining its world class standards in operational excellence, the singular objective of Kochi Refinery is to uphold the BPCL vision of energizing lives by continued excellence in all round performance with new ideas, added vigour and sustained commitment to its social, cultural, organizational and natural environment.

BPCL the most RELIABLE Company based on Customer experience

BPCL is the most RELIABLE Company based on Customer experience

  • Reliability: Continuous run days of units without affecting product availability.
  • Flexibility: Units can be operated in different modes to suit product requirement as market demands.
  • Care for Environment: Continuous monitoring of units not just to meet statutory norms but to be committed for a clean environment.
  • Safety: Achieving 41 million accident free man hours itself shows the commitment and dedication of operating personnel and the safe working environment.