Security Policy of BPCL Commitment

We have the highest concern for the Security of human lives and Corporation’s properties, goods and services.

We also commit ourselves to be alert and responsible to prevent theft, misuse, loss, damage, pilferage and sabotage of any nature which will hamper our business interests / continuity.


Commensurate with this commitment, we shall:

  • Adhere to security rules, regulations and laws of the land.
  • Provide effective and proactive measures for Physical and Internal Security as explained in the Security Manual – at all Refineries and Marketing establishments.
  • Keep ourselves in readiness to meet all emergency situations by appropriate action plans.
  • Actively participate in implementation of security measures to combat external threats.
  • Reinforce the security set up by providing regular trainings and up gradation of facilities.
  • Monitor effectiveness of security measures by surprise checks, mock drills and take corrective actions.