Pure For Sure Nxtgen

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd has taken up various activities for offering their customers an enhanced fuelling experience. Among the same are secured payments through an integrated digital payment system which ensures billing of only dispensed fuel quantity, highest standards of Quality and quantity of fuel delivered to BPCL fuel stations through tankers that are secured by tamper proof electronic locks with state-of-the art geo fencing technology, automated SMS Updates sent to registered consumers after every fuelling transaction, best in class value for fuelling customers, new lane discipline at Retail Outlets designed and implemented to make the fuelling journey smooth and efficient and much more.

All of the above are part of the Company’s Flagship Pure For Sure program which is aimed at building trust and transparency with its fuelling customers. Pure For Sure, launched by BPCL in 2001, gave a customer value proposition that redefined fuel retailing in the country with the Company guaranteeing correct quantity of pure fuel to the customers across Pure for Sure certified retail outlets in the country. BPCL currently has over 8000 Retail Outlets on date which have been certified by an external party which meet the exacting standards required for certification.


Pure for Sure

BPCL Pure for Sure certification revolutionised the retail fuel industry in India and is widely recognised today for its impressive network of over 7000 fuel stations. Every Pure for Sure fuel station gives a quality and quantity assurance and has earned the trust and loyalty of customers while energising their journeys.

This spectacular Pure for Sure certification comes with a lot more than just fuel quality and quantity assurance - right from when your vehicle enters the fuel stations, till the moment you leave. The environment is welcoming owing to a trained staff who ensures prompt, courteous and personalised service to every customer. Moreover, the fuel station is also a healthy work environment for every forecourt service personnel. It is equipped for efficiency with automated operations and free air filling for vehicle tyres, along with availability of clean toilets and drinking water. Overall, a Pure for Sure Fuel station makes sure customers get a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Along with providing the greatest service efficiency, the Pure for Sure promise also includes other value-added initiatives like offering membership perks, quick and easy payment solutions, convenience stores for emergency grocery runs, restaurants that are especially convenient when travelling on highways, ATM service and much more.

Being regularly audited by independent and reputed third party certification agencies, every Pure for Sure fuel station is able to maintain credibility and strive towards achieving more. This is a guarantee which comes with the intensive, consistent and mystery audits that keeps customer experience on top, always.


Pure for Sure Platinum

As times change, customers’ needs change too and this was the reason behind BPCL’s Pure for Sure Platinum fuel stations. Especially with an increase in competition and an evolving consumer landscape, the retail fuel industry has had to modernise itself by initiating a plethora of unbeatable services. And so, going one step above, the Pure for Sure Platinum fuel stations are modern and enabled with technology to provide quality and efficient service across the urban market, as well as on national highways.

Pure for Sure Platinum fuel stations promise a fresh and welcoming environment as it looks at serving customers round-the-clock. It represents BPCL’s commitment towards impeccable service, with the help of Hi-Tech and environment-friendly offerings which focus on addressing the needs of vehicle owners and travellers.

Pure for Sure Platinum fuel stations go beyond the usual fuel-related services and offer add-on services like wind-shield cleaning, air-filling, clean toilets, refreshment corners and restaurants that will surely come in handy for commuters taking longer journeys. Moreover, all the fuel stations are CCTV monitored for amped up security for the staff as well as customers - and all this while factoring in a convenient, comfortable and a charming fuel station design. Not only is there a shift is the service offerings, but also in terms of the fuel station design and layout which is more inviting than it ever was. Keeping up with the changing world is now transforming forecourt retailing and driving success for the brand.

Today BPCL - one of the top oil and gas companies in India, has crossed the landmark of having a whopping 1400 such Pure for Sure Platinum Fuel Stations in the country which are providing customers with best-in-class products and services. This is an effort taken towards strengthening BPCL’s relationship with its customers. After all, it’s the company’s ‘Vaada nahi, Daava!’

Being a loyalty member means earning the quality and quantity privilege with Pure for Sure and Pure for Sure Platinum fuel stations to avail of loyalty services.