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BPCL Mumbai Refinery has taken relentless efforts towards energy conservation on a sustained basis to result in significant saving of energy and natural resources for years to come

Green initiatives

Development of Butterfly & Vertical garden

BPCL MR developed this butterfly garden to serve as "Biodiversity Island" for native and rare plants, birds, insects, bees and butterflies. Around 2500 tree saplings of different species have been planted in butterfly garden. Each plant of this garden has been carefully selected to play the role of either host or nectar species in order to attract more butterflies and provide a supportive habitat for them to flourish. Butterflies play a vital role in the food chain and their presence is a sign of healthy ecosystem and chemical free environment.

Environment Awareness Workshops

BPCL - MR has a state of the art learning facilities and periodic training programs that aim to conduct environment awareness and protection workshops.

Regular awareness programs are conducted at process units and utilities section to embed the importance of environment conservation as a culture.

Enzyme based Bio-remediation

For the first time in BPCL Mumbai Refinery, enzyme based Bio-remediation was successfully carried out for treating residual sludge (approximate 84.7 MT) in MOT TK- 13. The job was completed successfully in six months and after cleaning of TK-13, it was handed over to maintenance.

Development of Rainwater Harvesting System

Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) is implemented in the refinery as a water and energy conservation measure. Water being a scarce but essential resource, several projects have been implemented for rain water harvesting for conservation of raw water during the Monsoon season.

Mumbai Refinery has installed rainwater harvesting system for rooftops with over 63282 square meters of catchment area. Total rainwater harvested during the year 2018-19 is about 42844 KL. An area of 4320 square meters has been be added during the year 2018-19 with a potential to harvest 6,160 KL per year of rainwater.

Monitoring & Analysis of environmental parameters

BPCL MR has implemented a state of the art "Real-Time monitoring" tool which connects various applications and provides a dash board of information to monitor and control critical environment parameters.

As part of environment monitoring and better operational control, the following parameters are monitored and reported on real time basis:

  • Stack analyzers (SO2, NOX, CO & SPM)
  • ETP parameters (pH, TSS, BOD & COD)
  • Ambient Air quality Monitoring (BTEX, NO2, SO2, O3, NH3, PM10 & CO)
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • Hazardous waste

Installation of Demountable Flare Stack

BPCL MR has installed this flare stack of about 125 m height which is first of its kind among PSU refineries by demolishing the earlier flare stack of 80 m height. This has helped to fairly reduce emission in surrounding area.

Implementation of Encon Schemes

The various Encon schemes, renewable energy projects and commissioning of heat integrated Crude Distillation Unit-4 (CDU-4) & Tail Gas Treatment Unit (TGTU) units in 2015 & 2017 respectively has further facilitated the reduction of CO2 & SO2 emissions.

Trend of CO2 & SO2 emissions over past years is as follows:

4000+ trees planted under Tree Plantation Program

The tree plantation drive is conducted every year on "World Environment Day" in and around Mumbai

Year Tree Plantation Quantity
2012-13 9000
2013-14 3200
2014-15 10000
2015-16 1202
2016-17 10055
2017-18 5230
2018-19 1350

Energy Champion Scheme

This initiative was established in the year 2017-18 so as to establish an 'Ownership' approach to have seamless implementation strategy right from 'conception to completion.'

For each process unit, multi-functional team is assigned, Energy Champion being the leader of the team has to achieve desired objective. As per the scheme, an energy champion/ support person from the same plant, plant technologist and an energy anchor from E&E are nominated. 6 KPIs were defined for 9 competing units of the refinery and fortnightly meeting being conducted at plant level that lead to generation of new energy savings ideas from team as a whole.

ED's award is given to the best performing unit in energy conservation every year.

Energy Portal under Digitalization

Online energy portal has been created in collaboration with CS&S team. Also regression models have been developed for deviation analysis of the Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs) & planning purpose.

  • These models help us to monitor & optimize plant energy parameters as compared to baseline/design on hourly/daily/monthly/yearly average basis.
  • It helps us understand plant behaviour w.r.t. energy consumption on changing one or more parameters
  • It can help us predict how the plant energy parameters will perform in future
  • It allows us to set a benchmark for each & every energy parameter
  • These models help us to monitor & optimize the specific energy consumption i.e. MBN (MBTU/BBL/NRGF) of Mumbai Refinery

Innovative solutions to save energy 2018 - 19

Provision of Electrical Heat Tracing

As an energy conservation measure, BPCL-MR has installed and commissioned electrical heat tracing system for VG-10 & VG-40 bitumen pipelines of 1600 meters length from BBU plant to TDU gantry leading to MP steam savings of MP steam 15MT/D & net savings of Rs. 1.23 Cr/Yr.

Conventional Flameproof light fitting to LED

BPCL Mumbai Refinery became the first Indian Refinery of large capacity to have successfully converted 100% of all conventional lighting to Energy Efficient LED in May 2019. Some of the prime features of this project are:

  • Daily Energy Saving: 2.25 MW (Total typical electrical energy consumption is 98 MW)
  • Total number of fittings converted to LED = 34979
  • Financial Benefits : Rs. 8.86 crores /annum (Normal Lighting versus LED lighting e.g. 45 Watt in place of 125 Watt High Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamp)
  • Environmental Benefit: 7085 MT of CO2 reduction per annum
  • Cumulative Cost: Rs. 10.25 crores
  • Simple Payback: 14 months

Installation and commissioning of Solar Power plant

348 kWp capacity grid connected solar power plant above Anik Nallah has achieved power generation of 1225 Kwh/day considering 44 percent of installed capacity for 8 hrs/day.


  • Reduction in use of conventional energy and a step towards Nation building through use of clean and green energy
  • Estimated power savings approx.5.08 Lakh Units per annum (1Unit = 1 KWh)
  • Cost Saving on energy approx. Rs. 45.72 Lakhs per annum (considering electricity tariff of Rs. 9/Unit)
  • The environmental benefit is reduction of 365 tons of CO2 emission per annum (considering 0.72kg/Unit)

Condensate recovery in LOBS:

Implementation of LOBS Condensate Recovery System (CRS). Realized savings of 87.9 T/D (Condensate + flash steam)

Labels Unit Value
Total Condensate Recovered from Pumps TPD 80
Total LLP Flash Steam Recovered TPD 6.9
Total LP Flash Steam Recovered TPD 1
Total Recovery (Condensate + Flash Steam) TPD 87.9


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