MAK Quik

BPCL - one of the top petroleum companies in India implemented the Quick Oil Change [QOC] concept with the intention of providing customers with triple benefits of Convenience, Genuine Oil and Quick Service. This oil change activity happens according to the customer’s convenience at any of the BPCL fuel stations and that too in front of the customers to enable trust. The fuel stations use one of the best engine oils in India and change it in the quickest possible time with the help of a machine. In fact, this allows customers to take a look at the condition of the previously used oil as well. This service goes a long way in reinforcing BPCL’s brand image and is also a source of additional income generation for fuel station outlet dealers by providing one of the best engine oil for cars and bikes to strengthen customer relationships.

An innovative idea, MAK Quik has been able to spark additional footfall for fuel at the fuel stations. Fuel station managers now have access to impactful kiosks for higher brand visibility and differentiated customer experience. There are kiosks in the vicinity at many such Fuel stations where customers can remain seated while the oil change is in process. At certain BPCL fuel stations, free oil change is also provided where customers only pay for the products and the service is free-of-cost. Given that this process is done with the help of machines, all of the old oil is removed first before adding the new product. Not only does this get done in a very short time but is also efficient and helps maintain the vehicle - all at a low cost. BPCL fuel stations also provide regular under-bonnet services where customers are assisted in checking up on coolant, automotive lubricants and oil level maintenance.