Wellbeing At Work

"We care for people" these words enshrined in our culture statement reflect our genuine concerns about the wellbeing of all BPCians. This feeling of oneness with each other is a way of life at Bharat Petroleum, which has created an environment that is diverse and inclusive. It encourages employees to bring their happiest and healthiest selves to work, creating a soothing multiplier effect. We outline here our care-filled initiatives for the wellbeing of our people.

Holistic Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing is a subtle but crucial aspect of overall wellbeing of a person. It not only affects your personal life but your professional life also. An emotionally happy person spreads good vibrations among others, which is key to harmony and joy for all.

Roshni: This is an innovative Employee Assistance Program for 24/7 face-to-face counselling or online counselling provided by empanelled professionals for employees and their families..

Webinar Series: An engaging webinar series is conducted periodically to educate and spread awareness among employees on holistic wellbeing, covering topics such as mental health, stress management, mindfulness and balancing work and life.

Sahakarmi Mitra: Everyone has a preferred person a close friend who they can confide in. A Sahakarmi Mitra is a trained employee who functions as a confidant who can be reached out by co-employees when they are faced with emotional crisis in their personal or professional life. This acts a vent for sharing these pressures with a trusted friend and for eventually finding a way out of the situation.

Personal Wellbeing

Personal wellbeing refers to many things, among which is how you feel about your own keen pursuits. At Bharat Petroleum, we have a fascinating way to bring the best of you at personal level that blends perfectly with your professional life.

iPassion: It is a terrific platform for employees to blend seamlessly their profession and passion. You can explore new facets of your own personality and connect with your deeper interests, thereby ensuring that the workplace allows both your profession and passion to complement each other. Apart from nurturing your passion, you also get to connect with others in the organization with similar passions with overlapping common areas. This helps you build a stronger emotional connect with each other. The outcome is a truly energized work environment with each employee experiencing a heightened sense of fulfilment, collaboration and engagement.

Physical Wellbeing

Medical Reimbursement: The Corporation has instituted a comprehensive medical care policy that takes care of employees and their immediate dependents when it comes to medical expenses.

Health Checkups: An institutionalized periodic comprehensive health checkup scheme for all employees ensures that even a minor ailment is prevented from ballooning into a major health concern.

Workplace Safety: We stand by the motto of ‘Safety First, Safety Must’ through our extensive focus on behavior-based safety practices, safety trainings, and reinforcement through scenario-based learning.

Covid Support: In our fight with the inviable viral enemy, we provide swift Covid support by way of tie-ups with hospitals as well as local doctors and also through quarantine packages and establishment of isolation centres. Crucially, large-scale vaccination drives for our employees were undertaken at the first available opportunity at our workplace vaccination centres, along with full pandemic-related compliances.