Oxy-fuel cutting, which became popular in commercial applications 20 years after its discovery in 1885, has revolutionised industrial practices related to cutting and shaping of steel. In India, Bharat Petroleum has further transformed the world of cutting, brazing and welding, by introducing a ground- breaking innovation - Bharat Metal Cutting Gas (BMCG).

Traditionally, an oxy-acetylene metal cutting gas composition has been used to cut metal, but the high cost and low availability of acetylene makes it far from being a sustainable resource for widespread usage. At Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, we analysed and decoded the needs of industries who need metal cutting gas, and deployed the cutting-edge technology to come up with BMCG - a superior alternative to acetylene. With BMCG, you can be assured of superlative quality cutting and brazing of metal, at a far lower cost!

In fact, BMCG towers above the conventional composition using acetylene, in a variety of ways. Not only does it achieve superior cutting at a faster speed with a better kerf formation and surface finish at lower cost, it consumes less oxygen, results in low slag formation, and is less inflammable.

With a cylinder pressure of 6-7 kg/cm2, BMCG has only a third of the pressure of acetylene, which stands at a whopping 17-18 kg/cm2-- making it much safer to use. What’s more, BMCG cylinders are lighter in weight than traditional ones, and are far easier to handle. Available in a range of sizes - 19 kg, 35 kg and 47.5 kg, BMCG cylinders are highly suitable for diverse requirements. Major sectors using BMCG encompass railways, shipyards, steel plants, power plants, cement plants, sugar factories, fertiliser plants, manufacturing units, heavy engineering companies, refinery and petrochemical industries, textiles, infrastructure and project companies, telecom, automobile, white goods, mining sector, and unorganised sectors.

Being a reliable and caring brand at its core, we also conduct awareness and educational programmes for our end users, in a bid to ensure absolute safety in operation. BMCG is truly the sharp and smart edge that you should choose for your business.